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APPLOGIC's IT staffing adopts a proactive approach to help your company in finding the best-fit, talented and qualified candidates for different positions in information technology (IT). Understandably, human resources are the key to optimize and leverage all other resources like finances, materials, machines etc. A business with an effective and innovative staffing process will achieve success in far lesser turnaround times.

APPLOGIC’s staffing is a gateway to channel right talent to the matching job positions. We recruit and source people as per their ability, talent, aptitude, and technology specialization. The benefits of our IT staffing include, cost-effective talent acquisition, quick scalability, global expansion, remote work processes, full authority and control, and optimal utilization of the resources. APPLOGIC’s IT staffing process leverages on a systematic implementation of your business’ human resources plan. This includes end-to-end coverage of all aspects of staffing such as finding or attracting candidates, evaluation, selection, recruitment and appraisal.

APPLOGIC’ permanent staffing meets in total the business’ need for candidates for permanent employment. The process begins with collection of the best fit applicants on the basis of salary, cultural resonance, job description, and experience. We aim to establish the perfect connect between each company’s requirement for talented IT professionals with our ready database of qualified, trained and experienced people.

APPLOGIC helps you to face the complex workforce challenges. We bring the best of permanent staffing practices to talent management, outsourcing, and talent development. Each permanent staffing engagement helps us to deliver focused and impactful results that influence your bottom-line and drives your business forward. Most importantly, we train and recruit reliable candidates with an attitude and career goal that aligns with business goals of the organization in the long-term.

The 3 chief differentiators of APPLOGIC’s permanent staffing

  • Professionals are hired for long-term goals and objectives enabling process continuity and consistency
  • Candidates hired for permanent recruitment totally align with the culture of the organization
  • Focused and value-driven permanent staffing achieves a balance between diverse workforce Understandably, as the organization grows, every team member should get an equal opportunity to develop and progress

APPLOGIC achieves permanent staffing for the clients at 3-levels.

Executive Search: To achieve business continuity and sustain success across the organization the role of team-leaders and managers is crucial. Here our hiring process focuses on competency and maturity in driving collaborative project engagements.

Entry-level: Trained, Certified and real-time project experienced professionals are hired as per the client’s project expectations.

Mid-level: Senior IT professionals with experience in project management and implementation are preferred. Their commitment to the project expectations and their work-consistency with previous employers is taken as the benchmark during the recruitment process.

APPLOGIC’ contract staffing meets the immediate and short-term staffing needs of organizations. We provide reliable, value-driven and affordable contract staffing services that include part-time work, independent contracts, and seasonal work etc. Trained and experienced professionals are hired on a contract basis, with fixed work tenure and remuneration conditions. We bring a host of benefits to the organizations availing our contractual staffing services, that includes shorter hiring process, instant impact of hiring, fresh recruitment every time, highly skilled professionals with niche experience, and flexible terms of work.

APPLOGIC’s contract to hire services meets in total the quality norms of your recruitment. Our contract to hire services also meets the requirement for specialists at different organizations. Understandably, in the contract-to-hire staffing the client tests the candidate for a fixed period of time.

APPLOGIC’ contract to hire staffing provides employers a chance to try trained, certified and experienced people before taking them on the pay-rolls for a long-term commitment. The benefits of contract to hire services are phenomenal, and include

  • Sizable saving on money, time, and stress
  • Choosing only those employees that fit the role and culture of the company
  • Realizing the business interests totally
  • Contributing to the staffing strategy of the company in the long-term