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About Applogic Consulting

Applogic IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd is based in Hyderabad, India. We bring more than a decade of proven expertise in IT Security and IT Audit Services. Importantly, we drive value for businesses in three ways. By leveraging on innovative and latest IT Security and Audit practices, we ensure high level of business efficiency and customer confidence.


By way of focused and custom IT Security and Audit trainings, we ensure that businesses are never short of talented and competent people. And, through a variety of staffing services (permanent, contractual, and contract to hire) each business’ IT Governance and Risk Management are capably strengthened.

Basically, we will help you to transform your business and manage risk by adopting innovative and domain-specific IT Security and Audit Services. Our end-to-end and competitive staffing services offer trained and experienced talent that will help you to capably manage your business’ IT Security and Audit requirements.


In all that we do, our efforts are focused on helping you to adapt, mitigate risk and thrive in the evolving threats. With APPLOGIC you can stay updated with new trends in IT Security and Audit. By this, we make your digital transformation journey easy and secure. Surely, our full-scale and innovative IT Security and Audit services address the current security threats and challenges and help you to turn future-ready.


Here’s how APPLOGIC can help!


APPLOGIC’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy focuses on effective risk management and meeting compliance requirements.  We adopt a structured approach to aligning IT GRC with your business objectives. More…

IT Audit

As part of the innovative and value-driven IT Audit Services, APPLOGIC evaluates the systems and processes and ensures data security; regulates risks to a company’s information assets, and helps recognize methods to minimize those risks; More…


APPLOGIC’s Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities in an application, network, endpoint, and cloud. More…

Cyber Security

APPLOGIC’s cyber security solutions help in stopping any unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems. More…


APPLOGIC’s third party risk management or vendor risk management services address your business’ requirement for in-depth assessments, that may demand an on-site assessment validation.  We also ensure total confidentiality of your business information. More..

Application Security

We associate with your IT team at all levels of application security process. Our end-to-end application security services help to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats such as unauthorized access and modification. More…

Cloud Security

APPLOGIC provides innovative, competitive and full-scale cloud security services. Our cloud security services help in protecting your business’ cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data. More…


With specialization in IT Security and Audit, we help businesses to find competent candidates to fill the respective job roles. Our cost-effective talent acquisition leverages on the permanent, contract and contract to hire recruitment processes. More…


APPLOGIC offers expert-led training in IT Security, IT Audit, IT Governance, Application and Cloud Security, Cyber Security and VAPT. Our innovative and flexible IT trainings are available as online, offline and corporate platforms. More…

Our Team

Great teams start with great ideas. However, it is the leadership with the right vision that can bring together people and form capable and competent teams. APPLOGIC’ focused efforts at scripting success for each client harness on the diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic IT professionals. Though each team member brings diverse IT skills, at the core are a set of fundamentals. Our basic objective is to delight the customer with custom, innovative, competitive and end-to-end IT Security and Audit services.


Our teams accept and communicate a clear plan.  Everyone in the project team understands how their individual contribution fits into the bigger project activity and ensures consistent growth and progress. Team members are clear about what they need to do, and how they need to do to deliver total value to the customer’s business. Our team members may have to work independently, but the final output is definitely to offer professional, consistent and effective IT Security and Audit services.

Applogic Advantage


  • To partner with global businesses and offer high quality and innovative IT Security and Audit Services
  • To promote high-end risk management practices and thereby create a greatly secure IT system across the organization
  • To further innovative IT Governance strategies in alignment with the objectives of the client’s IT system
  • To provide quality staffing and training services to fill-in the gaps in the demand and supply of the trained and experienced IT Security and Audit personnel
  • To bring to each client project consistency, rapid progress and ensure on-time delivery
  • To adopt a structured approach to aligning IT GRC with your business objectives
  • To offer seamless and full-scale third-party risk management services
  • To achieve holistic IT Audit Services that drive complete evaluation of the systems and processes and ensures data security; and also helps to recognize methods to minimize security risks
  • To create a security mechanism by which you can prevent security vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access and modification
  • To provide innovative, competitive and full-scale cloud security services
  • To offer cyber security solutions to stop any unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems
  • To offer custom and flexible talent acquisition practices that include permanent, contract and contract to hire
  • To create a robust, responsive, and secure business environment by creating a security net around your cloud systems may it be AWS, or Google Cloud or MS Azure


  • To provide for cost-effective and innovative talent sourcing services
  • To offer the latest, innovative and affordable trainings in IT Security and IT Audit
  • To provide the right IT trainings for a bright, lucrative and long-lasting career in IT Security and IT Audit
  • To guide the aspiring IT and non-IT professionals to pursue the highly growth-oriented and promising career in Cyber Security and Cloud Security
  • To provide equal opportunity to all graduates, post graduates, professionals and consultants to learn, master and develop a career in IT security
  • To connect the trained and experienced IT security and audit specialists with the industry’s requirement for qualified and competent people

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

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  • Smart way to work and get good results
  • To create value and make a diffrence
  • Inspire moments of optimism & Happiness
Our Vision

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  • Be a great place to work, people are inspired
  • Winning network of customers and partners
  • Be a highly effective & fast-moving company