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About Applogic Consulting


Applogic Consulting is based in Hyderabad, India. We offer end-to-end, reliable, and affordable IT consulting and recruiting services to clients across diverse sectors. Our forte is definitely to leverage cross-functional teams with the best thinking and expertise in all the complex technologies.


We work as an extension to the client’s IT organization and contribute effectively by leveraging people’s diverse functional skills. Our cross-functional approach means furthering innovation at every level of the organization through the combined efforts of our experts in IT and non-IT domains.

Our focus and contribution are based on an understanding of who your customers are and how you provide unique value to them. Significantly, the team of IT experts and business leaders define, communicate and fulfill the unique purpose of your organization.


Once we are clear about the value your company creates, we will impart a greater ability to your teams to inspire internal and external stakeholders. By aligning the right talent, operating models, and consulting expertise we make sincere efforts to keep your project teams greatly motivated and focused.

Our Team

The success of any IT project is based on the individual competencies of the team members. A good understanding of the project expectations, clients’ business practices, customer profile requirements, and budgetary constraints goes a long way in developing the right and custom technology solutions.


If generating value for the client’s business is primary, offering a scalable, innovative, reliable, and affordable set of technologies is definitely a deciding factor. Applogic Consulting’s portfolio of technology solutions covers IT and Non-IT sectors.


Significantly, we work as an extension to the client’s IT organization, with an offer of responsive, robust, reliable, and scalable IT consulting, recruiting, and corporate training services. Our specialized teams bring proven expertise to each client engagement.


To emerge as the most trusted, reliable, value-driven and affordable IT Consulting and Recruitment Services provider


To bring world-class IT professionals and top technology consultants on one platform to achieve execution excellence and competitive distinctiveness


An individual is recognized by the values he or she upholds. So also, organizations endear themselves to customers only by having an established value system. Applogic Consulting is built on the strong foundations of values viz. integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance, and discipline. Our value system has endeared us to scores of clients, local and global. If integrity guides us to develop and deliver high-quality IT solutions, it is accountability that keeps us greatly focused at work.


We work with due diligence may it be consulting or recruiting or training. This means achieving 100 percent client satisfaction. Our IT and Recruitment consultants are driven by the grit and perseverance to offer customized and reliable IT and Non-IT services. All this isn’t possible if not for our strong corporate discipline facilitated by decades of project engagements and a high rate of project success.


APPLOGIC’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy focuses on effective risk management and meeting compliance requirements.  We adopt a structured approach to aligning IT GRC with your business objectives.

IT Audit

As part of the innovative and value-driven IT Audit Services, APPLOGIC evaluates the systems and processes and ensures data security; regulates risks to a company’s information assets, and helps recognize methods to minimize those risks.

Cyber Security

AppLogic Consulting is a leading provider of cyber security solutions, helping organizations protect their valuable assets against cyber threats. Their team of experts offers a range of services, including risk assessments, vulnerability testing, incident response, and compliance management. AppLogic Consulting uses cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies to safeguard clients’ data and systems while providing ongoing support and training to ensure continued security. With a focus on collaboration and customization, they work closely with clients to design and implement tailored solutions that address their unique needs and risks. Choose AppLogic Consulting for comprehensive cyber security solutions that give you peace of mind.



Globally, businesses invest and adopt new technologies. This helps to stay competitive, ensure greater customer satisfaction, and sustain margins. Well, the benefits of investing in technology can be realized only by recruiting people with specialized competencies and proven expertise across multiple IT and non-IT projects. Understandably, employees who are productive and knowledgeable are the key to business success.


To keep pace with the fast developments in business processes, people in IT and non-IT need to upgrade their skills. Herein comes the importance of quality training. Applogic Consulting offers custom, reliable, and value-driven IT and non-IT training for all people in general, and employees in particular. We offer training at the right time in the most appropriate manner.

IT Consulting

Applogic Consulting is your full-scale, reliable, and innovative partner for IT consulting services. Our broad-spectrum and customized IT consulting practice begins with a holistic support from application development to infrastructure maintenance. Our IT consultants collaborate with your in-house teams to create robust processes and in evolving flexible operational models. We are obsessed with developing responsive interfaces and value-driven IT experiences. We keep a tab on all the digital mechanisms that drive change at every stage and level of your organization.

IT Staffing

Applogic Consulting is a reliable and value-driven IT recruitment services provider. Our IT recruitment consultants help in sourcing people with the right skills, attitude, and work ethics. Each hire brings the right match of capabilities that go very well with your game-changing IT strategies. Each hire brings the right expertise across technologies and industry/functional knowledge.


With Applogic Consulting you are assured of people with the right expertise across technologies, and industry/functional knowledge. Significantly, our hires can deliver insight at speed and solutions at scale.

Applogic Consulting’s talent acquisition team helps your business by finding and delivering the right match of candidates from entry-level helpdesk support roles, to developers, to executive-level CIOs.