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IT Security Services

APPLOGIC is your one-stop destination for all your IT security and audit requirements. Our IT Governance focuses on effective risk management and compliance, our third-party risk management undertakes in-depth assessments and on-site validations. APPLOGIC's IT audit practice makes a holistic evaluation of systems and processes associated with data security. When it comes to application security, definitely our focus is on preventing threats such as unauthorized access and modification.

Our VAPT experts take a wider view of the security vulnerabilities of your application, network, and the cloud. All our IT security and audit services may not deliver full-scale value to your business if not for our competitive and value-driven staffing and training services. To this effect, we meet in total your requirement for quality and trained IT security and audit professionals.

APPLOGIC’s IT Security and Audit services establish the perfect connection between your business requirement for a secure, robust, and reliable system with the right IT security and audit project personnel. By this, we aim to achieve total protection for your organization against internal and external threats. Our IT auditors team up with your IT team to assess, reduce and manage security risks. Significantly, the primary differentiator of our IT security and audit services is in helping your business to adapt, mitigate risk, and thrive in the face of old and new threats.

APPLOGIC’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy focuses on effective risk management and meets in total the compliance requirements.  We adopt a structured approach to aligning IT GRC with your business objectives.

By our focused GRC strategies we help our clients to achieve improved decision making, more optimal IT investments, elimination of silos, and reduced fragmentation within the organization. APPLOGIC’s Governance, Risk and Compliance strategy focuses on,

  • Governance: We ensure that your IT operations are aligned in a way that supports the organization’s business goals.
  • Risk: This means to put in place a comprehensive IT risk management process that rolls into an organization’s risk management function.
  • Compliance: In adherence with the laws and regulations we make sure that your IT systems and the data are secured and used properly.

APPLOGIC’s GRC strategies are focused on creating the right frameworks and standards which serve as the building blocks that businesses can customize to match their environment. We offer end-to-end support on complete adoption of the highly rated solutions as IBM OpenPages GRC Platform, MetricStream and Rsam’s Enterprise. However, this does not limit us from extending our support to custom and simple GRC solutions to small and medium businesses.

APPLOGIC’s Third-Party Risk Management or Vendor Risk Management services address your business’ requirement for in-depth assessments that may demand on-site assessment validation.  Our IT experts also ensure the total confidentiality of your business information. Significantly, APPLOGIC’s Third-Party Risk Management practices are universal and applicable to every business or organization.  No matter the size, location, or industry we will address promptly the data breaches or cyber security incidents and thereby enhance business resilience.

As an established Third-Party Risk Management services provider APPLOGIC helps you to reduce disruptive events and ensure that your organization runs smoothly. The disruptive elements are usually evident as, internal outages and lapses, external outages, vendor outages, and operational shifts.

Based on the size, personnel, markets, products & services we offer custom and innovative third-party risk management services. We advise businesses to start small and take practical steps to automate key tasks. Surely, this small automation will contribute to huge savings on time, money, and resources.  APPLOGIC offers a world-class Third-Party Risk Management program that includes a comprehensive coverage of all types of risks (strategic, operational, compliance, performance, business continuity, etc).

As part of the innovative and value-driven IT Audit Services, APPLOGIC evaluates the systems and processes and ensures data security; regulates risks to a company’s information assets, and helps recognize methods to minimize those risks; also, ensures information management processes to be in compliance with IT-specific laws, policies and standards.

APPLOGIC understands that, every business requires innovative, quality and timely IT audit services. Our comprehensive and full-scale IT audit services helps to verify the security status of your business’ infrastructure, hardware, software, IT services, networks and data centers. Through our proven, reliable, value-driven and expert-driven IT audit services, we address the following points

  • The weak spots and vulnerabilities in your current security
  • The presence of extraneous tools or processes that fail to provide the security function
  • Your business system’s readiness to fend off security threats
  • Your IT system’s capabilities to recover business capabilities in the event of a system outage or data breach
  • The concrete actions you will take when a security flaw is discovered

APPLOGIC’s IT audit services are in compliance with data security laws. Our high quality IT audit services adhere with international regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA. The team of IT auditors at APPLOGIC ensures that your information systems meet international standards for the collection, usage, retention and destruction of sensitive or personal data.

Significantly, APPLOGIC’s certified security auditors undertake the compliance audit. Even if you have an internal IT audit team, our audit experts support you with seamless audit practices, and will help you to ensure your business’ regulatory compliance or overall security posture. Also, it may be an audit for either general cyber security or regulatory compliance purposes we adhere with the best IT audit practices to ensure an efficient, and an effective business process.

We associate with your IT team at all levels of application security process. Our end-to-end application security services help to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats such as unauthorized access and modification. APPLOGIC’s application security ensures that all your applications are available over various networks and connected to the cloud. This becomes crucial as your IT system is prone to continuous security threats and breaches. Our innovative and full-scale application security testing helps to reveal the weaknesses at the application level, and thereby prevents these attacks.

APPLOGIC’s team of application testers leverages on different types of application security features that include authentication, authorization, encryption, logging, and application security testing. Our team of developers can also help in coding your applications to reduce security vulnerabilities. Our focused approach to application security in the cloud takes into consideration the cloud environment that provides shared resources. We will ensure that users are given access only to the data they are authorized to view in their cloud-based applications.

APPPLOGIC’s mobile application security offers enough safeguards against threats and attacks. Understandably, mobile devices transmit and receive information across the Internet a public network, making it greatly vulnerable to an attack. We help businesses to leverage on the potential of virtual private networks (VPNs). This adds a layer of mobile application security. By this, each business can control mobile usage and allow employees to use them on mobile devices that connect to the corporate network.

APPLOGIC’s web application security offers a wide coverage of apps that users access through a browser interface over the Internet. We capably protect the business network from intrusion with a web application firewall. Importantly, our security audits aim at ensuring that the application is in compliance with a specific set of security criteria. After the application passes the audit, the developers must ensure that only authorized users can access it.

APPLOGIC’s Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities in an application, network, endpoint, and cloud.

At APPLOGIC, both Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are collectively done to achieve complete analysis. If Vulnerability Assessment helps to scan the digital assets and notifies organizations about pre-existing flaws, it is Penetration Testing that exploits the vulnerabilities in the system & determines the security gaps.

APPLOGIC’s VAPT services help your IT system to

  • Identify The Security Loopholes
  • Improve Cyber Resilience
  • Avoid Data Breaches
  • Inspect Network Defense System
  • Protect Organizational Data
  • Comply with Security Standards

APPLOGIC provides innovative, competitive and full-scale cloud security services. Our cloud security services help in protecting your business’ cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

Understandably, cloud-based security is specific to the three main types of cloud environments such as the public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds. So, each of these environments has different security concerns. However, across these three environments, there are common security concerns such as protection of the highly sensitive business information, and intellectual property which may be exposed through accidental leaks or due to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

APPLOGIC offers innovative, value-driven and custom cloud security services. We help to prevent leaks and data theft, and thereby we help you to sustain your customers’ trust. This also means to protect your IT assets that contribute to your competitive advantage. APPLOGIC’s cloud security services impart your business the capability to guard the data and assets.

As understood, a robust and reliable Cyber Security protocol helps in protecting the network, data and program from malicious attack. Applogic Consulting’ Cyber security specialist help in protecting your IT system, program and network from different virus attacks. These virus attacks are evident as malware, malicious application, phishing and exploit kits.

Applogic Consulting offers an effective cyber security approach. By this approach we will bring about protection across the network, programs and computers or data. To create and establish a reliable cyber security mechanism, we rely on different cryptographic protocols which take into consideration systems, data and networks.

Advantages of our cyber security services

  • Provides protection against worms, viruses, spyware and other unwanted programs
  • Provides protection from data theft as with the implementation high-security protocol malicious user cannot break the network architecture
  • Protects the system from hacking

Provides data and system privacy which is achieved by following security policies and protocols