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Pega (B2B)

pega b2b

Pega is a cloud platform for customer engagement and operational excellence. APPLOGIC leverages on Pega’s AI-powered software to optimize every customer interaction. Pega helps us to work across any channel and observe brand stipulations.


APPLOGIC brings together the combined expertise of Pega architects and business leaders to quickly build and evolve apps. These applications help businesses to rise up to customer expectations, and drive digital transformation across the organization. By leveraging on Pega clould platform we have achieved greater customer satisfaction, lower costs, and increased customer lifetime value.


APPLOGIC excellence in Pega software includes,

  • Proven capabilities to integrate Pega with Adobe Analytics to provide deep insights and a roadmap for Pega UX excellence.
  • Proven capabilities to migrate legacy .NET system to Pega & consolidating existing Pega system in the cloud.


APPLOGIC helps global businesses to unlock innovation and achieve strategic change. By adopting Pega’s industry-leading AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation, your business is sure to achieve greater efficiency, higher productivity, and improved customer service.