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Our end-to-end and competitive staffing services offer trained and experienced talent that will help you to capably manage your business’ IT Security and Audit requirements. You can avail our scalable, innovative and affordable staffing services at three levels as permanent, contact, and contract to hire.

We focus on providing IT Security and Audit services that assure innovative IT Governance and high-end risk management. However, to strengthen this, we have initiated and realized flexible and custom staffing services and quality training programs in IT Security and Audit. By this each client is assured of skilled people who will drive project consistency, rapid progress and ensure on-time delivery. So, our understanding is that, the right set of talented people with innovative technology competencies can only ensure the success of a business’ IT Security and Audit strategy.

APPLOGIC offers high quality, focused, innovative, full-scale and value-driven IT security and audit trainings. We connect the industry’s needs for IT security and audit with the right set of trained and experienced IT professionals.

APPLOGIC stands apart in creating the perfect connect between the B2B and B2C environments. Our 360-degree approach to our clients’ IT security and audit projects address all the gaps in IT services, and in sourcing the right talent as per the project expectations. By establishing the perfect connect we ensure 100 percent project success, consistent process delivery, and total customer satisfaction.

APPLOGIC’ third party risk management practices are universal and applicable to every business or organization.  No matter the size, location, or industry we will address promptly the data breaches or cyber security incidents and thereby enhance business resilience.

Through our proven, reliable, value-driven and expert-driven IT audit services, we address the following points The weak spots and vulnerabilities in your current security The presence of extraneous tools or processes that fail to provide the security function Your business system’s readiness to fend off security threats Your IT system’s capabilities to recover business capabilities in the event of a system outage or data breach The concrete actions you will take when a security flaw is discovered

APPLOGIC’s application security ensures that all your applications are available over various networks and connected to the cloud. This becomes crucial as your IT system is prone to continuous security threats and breaches.

APPLOGIC’s VAPT services help your IT system to Identify the Security Loopholes Improve Cyber Resilience Avoid Data Breaches Inspect Network Defense System Protect Organizational Data Comply with Security Standards

Though each team member brings diverse IT skills, at the core are a set of fundamentals. Our basic objective is to delight the customer with custom, innovative, competitive and end-to-end IT Security and Audit services.

APPLOGIC provides innovative, competitive and full-scale cloud security services. Our cloud security services help in protecting your business’ cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data.

To partner with global businesses and offer high quality and innovative IT Security and Audit Services To promote high-end risk management practices and thereby create a greatly secure IT system across the organization To further innovative IT Governance strategies in alignment with the objectives of the client’s IT system To provide quality staffing and training services to fill-in the gaps in the demand and supply of the trained and experienced IT Security and Audit personnel To bring to each client project consistency, rapid progress and ensure on-time delivery To adopt a structured approach to aligning IT GRC with your business objectives To offer seamless and full-scale third-party risk management services To achieve holistic IT Audit Services that drive complete evaluation of the systems and processes and ensures data security; and also helps to recognize methods to minimize security risks To create a security mechanism by which you can prevent security vulnerabilities such as unauthorized access and modification To provide innovative, competitive and full-scale cloud security services To offer cyber security solutions to stop any unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems To offer competitive and custom staffing and training services to fill in the gaps of demand and supply and ensure project progress To offer custom and flexible talent acquisition practices that include permanent, contract and contract to hire To create a robust, responsive, and secure business environment by creating a security net around your cloud systems may it be AWS, or Google Cloud or MS Azure

To provide for cost-effective and innovative talent sourcing services To offer the latest, innovative and affordable trainings in IT Security and IT Audit To provide the right IT trainings for a bright, lucrative and long-lasting career in IT Security and IT Audit To guide the aspiring IT and non-IT professionals to pursue the highly growth-oriented and promising career in Cyber Security and Cloud Security To provide equal opportunity to all graduates, post graduates, professionals and consultants to learn, master and develop a career in IT security To connect the trained and experienced IT security and audit specialists with the industry’s requirement for qualified and competent people

APPLOGIC’s Governance, Risk and Compliance strategy focuses on, Governance: We ensure that your IT operations are aligned in a way that supports the organization’s business goals. Risk: This means to put in place a comprehensive IT risk management process that rolls into an organization’s risk management function. Compliance: In adherence with the laws and regulations We make sure that your IT systems and the data are secured and used properly.

APPLOGIC focuses on the entire ecosystem that includes meeting holistically both B2B and B2C needs and expectations for custom and quality IT Security and Audit services, training and staffing services. We ensure and establish a perfect connect between the core IT security and audit project expectations with availability of trained and competent people.